About Accessible Physical Therapy in Greenbelt | Silver Spring | MD

Accessible Physical Therapy Services currently has two major locations Greenbelt, and Silver Spring. We serve Prince George’s, Charles and Montgomery counties and parts of Washington, DC. Our licensed staff consists of Physical Therapist/ Licensed Physical Therapist Assistants – highly trained and equipped with personalized attention and care. We provide an individualized approach to caring for patients with customized solution for each patient’s unique condition. Our expertise is to treat patients who are experiencing pain resulting from musculoskeletal, neurological dysfunction, work or sport injury. Our professional, dynamic and friendly support staff provides a caring environment from the hectic pace that can distract a person from the healing process.


  •   Same day Appointments (Most Appointments within 24 Hours)
  •   Quick Online Appointment System
  •   2 Locations: Greenbelt (Greenbelt Rd.) and Silver Spring (Wheaton)
  •   In-House Heated Pool For Aquatic Therapy (Greenbelt Location)
  •   Industrial Rehabilitation (Work Hardening, Work Conditioning, And Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE))
  •   Multidisciplinary, Multilingual, Extra Caring Staff
  •   Concise weekly reports/ timely updates
  •   Extended/ Weekend Hours
  •   Accept Most Insurances
  •   Work with referring physician to provide the most complete and effective recovery possible
  •   Accept Attorney assignments

We believe in an atmosphere that encourages clinical excellence, patient advocacy, ethical, and forthright business practices that provide the best framework for rehabilitation to occur. Our patient's goals may involve pain reduction, increased fitness, enhanced strength, flexibility and mobility, improved balance, returning to work, or enhancing performance in sport. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Physical Therapy/ Modalities

At Accessible Physical Therapy Services we provide a full range of therapy services including but not limited to ultrasound electric stimulation, traction, therapeutic exercises, massage and aquatic therapy. Our professional Physical Therapists perform a thorough evaluation assessment of your condition and use successful, specific customized treatment methods to reduce your pain as quickly as possible.

Aquatic Therapy

Our Aquatic Therapy Specialists recommend natural water therapy for treatment of head and neck injuries, back pain, arthritis pain, surgeries, rotator cuff tears, sprains, strains, sport injuries, fibromyalgia, balance disorders, strokes, hip and knee replacements rehabilitation and improving ones overall well-being at our large in-house heated pool.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

  •   Fast mobilization and recovery process in variety of injuries
  •   Supervised by licensed physical therapist with customized solution of your condition
  •   Treatment of joint, muscle, bone, or nerve problems
  •   Aquatic exercise to quick improvement, flexibility, strength and balance
  •   "No swimming ability is necessary"
"subscribe to the highest ethical standards in providing therapy"