Industrial Rehabilitation | Work Hardening Program | Functional Capacity Evaluation at Accessible Physical Therapy in MD

Accessible Physical Therapy Industrial Rehab Program Includes:

  • Work Conditioning / Work Hardening Program (3-6 hours per day) to help you get back to work safely
  • Injury prevention- learn how to help prevent repetitive- stress injuries
  • Back and neck care- learn exercises to help prevent back and neck pain
  • Instruction in proper posture and body mechanics
  • Job Task analysis

A complete Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is performed on all patients entering the Work Hardening program and requires 4-6 hours of time.

FCE's are comprehensive tests of flexibility, strength, endurance, and aerobic conditioning to use for proper returning-to-work placement or to decide the level of enrollment in Work Hardening. FCE's are also ordered on any patient if there is a question regarding his/her safe return to work. A detailed job description is very important in an FCE.

  • A physical evaluation of the injured area including quantitative measurements of the range of motion of the injured joint's or region's, and measurements of strength and endurance with comparison to the patient's opposite joint or region or to a normal database.
  • Functional abilities test which include:
    a) standardized tests of generic functional tasks such as lifting, pushing, pulling, squatting, carrying and climbing;
    b) hand function tests which measure fine and gross motor coordination, grip strength, pinch strength and manipulation tests;
    c) sub maximal cardiovascular endurance tests which measure aerobic endurance tests which measure aerobic capacity; and
    d) static positional tolerance.
  • A physical examination and neurological evaluation.